O sagrado e o profano n Pedra do Reino: o riso residual do medievo / The Religious and Profane at The Stone of the Kingdom: the humor arising from Medieval Times.




The Novel Stone of the Kingdom and the Prince of the Blood-and-Go Round, by Ariano Suassuna, is the corpus of this dissertation. In order to try to understanding the humorous symbolism of the narrative, this research is based on the thematic trends related to religious and profane traditions arising from Medieval Times. This paper aims to present some similarities between the Brazilian culture and the Middle Ages, especially verifying the residues, that is, what has remained from that imaginary period in the novel. The research method used was Roberto Pontess Theory of Residuality, which is based on the study of residues from a near or distant past, which remain for some time in a certain text or culture. According to this theory, the cultural indicators are present in the minds of the members of a society in a crystallized way and these indicators are originated in the cultural hybridism between Brazil and other peoples.


a pedra do reino literatura medieval - história e crítica teoria da residualidade(literatura) riso na literatura suassuna,ariano,1927- .romance da pedra do reino e o princípe do sangue do vaievolta crítica e interpretação residue. riso profane literatura comparada secularismo na literatura profano religious sagrado stone of the kingdom resíduo humor o sagrado na literatura

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