O saber de enfermagem na assistencia a hanseniase no estado de São Paulo




In this work our methodological concern comprehends the study ot TechnoAssistential Models in Health which have tounded the conception ot those who tormulate Public Policies, thus establishing quidelines tor Knowledge and practice related to the care ot persons with Leprosy. The study ot the tendencies related to these models aimed to show how nurses, trom their own tield ot Knowledge and practice, have been utilizing the theoretical trame established by Public Health and Medicine to give shape to nursing assistance in Leprosy, since the tifties. This work also shows the theoretical sources elaborated by nursing itselt since Florence Nightingale as well as those organized more recently according to propositions ot north-american nurses cientificists. Qualitative. data show that nursing, in making its way towards Public Health, assumes the propositions of this field ot knowledge as they were conceived in the medical point of view, thus broadening the gap between those proposals and Nursing s original propositions of systematic and careful assistance. The lasting adhesion to Public Health proposals made changes difficult, even though they were the main objective ot nurses when they assumed nursing care in Leprosy. This situation impaired the acquisition af new knowledge, because there was contorm ity betore the knowledge and practices already instituted according to the perspectives of the disease. The building of new T echno-Assistencial Models in Nursing requires that nurses take back their own proposals and look for knowledge and practice founded in their own tield of knowledge, thus assuming client s care as â traming ax. Therefore there is a need of proposals aiming to make assistance more humanistic and holistic, encompassing the client and his tamily in the proposed treatment


hanseniase enfermagem em saude publica saude publica

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