O que é o que é? Pois é: poesia: um estudo da poética de Nelson Ascher




This work presents a study of the work of contemporary poet Nelson Ascher. Based on the analysis of some of his critical writing in which the poet talks about poetry and its procedures to develop it, it tries to outline a profile, even in part, of his critical thinking about the poetic act. After this research, it went to his poetic work, defining as research object the work Parte Alguma (2005). The analysis of the poems in this work intends to realize what aspects of the critical thinking specially that expressed in his texts published in newspapers and magazines are manifested in poetry, and how this event occurs, in agreement or disagreement. It intends too, through the analysis, to identify the specific features of the poetic act by this author, seeking a better understanding of contemporary Brazilian poetry in order to better understand the aesthetic and historical moment of literary art nowadays.


crítica poesia brasileira - história e crítica criticism poesia contemporânea análise linguística (linguística) teoria literaria ascher, nelson - crítica e interpretação literary dialogues metalanguage nelson ascher intertextualidade contemporary poetry metalinguagem

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