O psicologo escolar de hoje... O fracasso escolar de sempre




The failure in the first year at the elementary school is the challenge to the Brazilian Education System. In general a lot of schools believe in psychologist to solve this problem. The thesis has two greats goals. First, investigating and analyzing what s wrong at two Municipality?s Schools in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, talking with parents, teachers and students. The second goal consists in analyzing Universities Psychology?s Curriculum in order to know if psychologists are eatable to assist children in schools. today. The Management, the Relationship and Preconception are responsible for failure at the elementary school, it was the eon elusion. In the other hand, the eon elusion was that School?s Psychologists aren t the best to solve this problem. The failure in the first year at the elementary sehool is pedagogies and polities issues. Pedagogies issues should be solved at the school by its professionals and politest issues should be solved by Brazilian Government


educação psicologia educacional psicologos escolares fracasso escolar

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