O projeto pedagógico do curso de fisioterapia e a formação para atuação na área de dermato-funcional




Changes in present society make appear constantly, new areas in professional performance and formation. Physiotherapy is a science that uses natural and physical means in health promotion, illness preventions and individual rehabilitations, with the aim to give a better quality of life, promoting their maintenance and restoring of everyday activities. Thus as in different performance areas in development virtue of technical-scientific knowledge and alterations in context demands, Physiotherapy applies permanent renewal. Educational proposes indicated in pedagogical projects follow orientations of educational politics expressed in National Curriculum Directives for each course. An important performance area of physiotherapist, arisen in last years and applies a professional formation in Higher Education is dermato-functional, it is a section that aims to restore the organism functionability with alterations because congenital or acquired deformity, as well as to correct tuneless of aesthetics order. It stresses consequently, the importance and the up to date of investigated theme in this masters dissertation, professional formation of physiotherapist, stressing the competences to performance in dermato-functional area. The research problem asks How Higher Teaching Institutions HTI are forming physiotherapist to perform in dermato-functional area? Research had as general aims.To analyze physiotherapist formation to performance in dermato-functional area focusing his/her limits and possibilities to grant professional improvement nowadays. The date survey process aimed to obtain elements that allow to reach following specific aims= to stablish physiotherapist that is being trained in HTI and his/her preparation to performance in dermato-functional area and to analyze the physiotherapist conception that will be graduated according to teachers in HTI. The investigation process was developed by bibliography research in theoretical reference construction and questionnaire application and document analysis, comprising coordinator course, and a sample of teachers of investigated HTI. Main aspects of theoretical founds broached in two chapters. In chapter named= The action of physiotherapist in present context the reflexion broaches physiotherapist action of emergence to present tendencies, stressing ethics and competences to performance in specific area of dermato-functional. In chapter named Formation of physiotherapist to present context, pointings are about formation of physiotherapist in Higher Education, his/her profile competences and the study themes. In data presentation and analysis, the analysis broaches profile and competences, and the study themes presented in comparative boards with data of Pedagogical Project of Physiotherapist course of investigated HTI and of National Curriculum Directives. The conclusion pointings stress that researched HTI is following lay out proposed in National Curriculum Directives and Basis and Directive Laws.


educacao fisioterapia ensino superior

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