O processo participativo no plano diretor estudo de caso: Campeche-Florianópolis, SC - Brasil




This work researches the societys participation process in the development of the Director Plan for the District of Campeche, which is part of the Participative Director Plan (Plano Diretor Participativo) for the city of Florianopolis. The research analyzed the process as a whole, contextualizing the citys scenario to conclude by presenting the peculiarities of a case study based on sampling that focused on the study area. As a descriptive research, it exposes the characteristics of a determined population or phenomenon yet does not engage itself to explaining the process which is described but provides the basis for an explanation. The field research took place where the phenomenon occurred, uncovering the elements necessary to comprehend it, while also aiming at providing, in a qualitative way, a complete description of the process. The adopted data collecting method consisted in observing and participating of the events, during which was analyzed the participation of local residents, socio-communitarian entities and local government institutions based on the meetings minutes and attendance lists. By borrowing the primary data, a broad view of the problem is presented so that it can later be detailed descriptively in a specifically delimitated sample. The clash that took place in the past 20 years around the issue, in Florianopolis and Campeche, sustains a conjuncture to be comprehended which goes from the local physical features and the characteristics of the land use to the way the communities organized themselves aiming at participating in the planning process. With the City Statute, the participation that the Campeche population had been exerting, organizing itself as a way to pressure the official planning organ, gains legal support, launching a challenge to be won: the elaboration and application of a director plan conceived from the communitarian participation. To reach such debate years of struggle were necessary, involving pro urban reform movements at national level and, in Campeche, through the organizing of the community around such demand. The City of Florianopolis prepares itself to approve a new Director Plan that will integrate all of its Districts: the Participative Director Plan. The interests that are to be contemplated in the Director Plan, based on the communitarian proposals, will show the force of the sectors involved. A struggle that is still being waged, especially around the most conflicting points, characterizing the city which we have and pointing out the city which is wanted, based on the emergence of the effective participation of the society in the process


planejamento urbano florianópolis (sc) socio-communitarian movement plano diretor geografia estatuto da cidade processo participativo movimento sócio- comunitário administração pública city statute urban planning planejamento urbano bairro campeche (florianópolis, sc) participative process planejamento director plan

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