O processo de desenvolvimento do enoturismo no Vale dos Vinhedos




This study had as intention to investigate if the Wine tourism and the creation of one regional mark contributed for the intern strengthen of Vale dos Vinhedos` Vinhedos Valley. The study also analyzed three elements: a) wine tourism; b) invoicing and c) quality through the regional mark. The adopted paradigm was of quali-quantitative cut, serving itself of descriptive methodology. The documentary analysis and interviews had been used as instruments for all the collection of information. The participants of the research were entrepreneurs and entities that operate in the tourist promotion of the Vinhedos Valley. For the analysis, the social economies and cultural aspects of the local viticulture, the process of certification, the conquest of the indication of origin - IPVV, the wine tourism and its organization around the institutions had been studied. The Vale dos Vinhedos` Vinhedos Valley was colonized by Italian immigrants, who from 1876 made the viticulture the main activity developed in the territory. Although it has been identified a reduction of the participation of the population of the Vinhedos Valley in the local wine tourism, the results pointed that the process of development of the wine tourism had some similarities to other regions that had created its regional marks. It was resulted of productive specialization, the existing culture and the capacity of organization of the local agents. According to speech of the public and private managers, the certification conquered in 2002 did not incapacitate of direct form in the wine tourism, therefore it had already recognition of the product quality for the consumer before the conquest. It was also identified that the recurrent invoicing of the wine tourism motivated the new investments made in the Valley, especially in the last 5 years, beyond the creation of the regional mark and a great perspective for the future.


tourism vale dos vinhedos marca regional wine tourism internal strengthen enoturismo rio grande do sul turismo fortalecimento endógeno regional mark vitivinicultura

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