O prazer em aulas de educação fisica escolar : a perspectiva discente




The present study investigated how the student experience the feeling called pleasure Physical Education classes, and wich are the interferences to attain it. With this purpose open and semi-structured interviews of 58 students, from 10 to 15 years old., of both sexes were analysed and interpreted. The subjects were from 5 th to 8 th grades of junior high school and ist grade of senior high school, from Rio Claro, stat and private schools. The questionnaires were applied after a Physical Education class. The results were classified in 2 categories and showed that the student feel pleasure forgetting what is happening around them extremely concentrating their attention on what they are doing, and entering in a ?flow state? There are many interferences, some of them positive and others negative, from friends and teachers


educação fisica para crianças - aspectos psicologicos educação fisica para adolescentes - aspectos psicologicos prazer

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