O PatrimÃnio para alÃm da Pedra e Cal : um estudo sobre usos e apropriaÃÃes da cidade




This dissertation reflects on Cultural Heritage as a discursive construction and an analytical category for urban administration. On the reflection about Cultural Heritage as a discursive construction, I search to set up the Cultural Heritage as a social production and so I try to mitigate the objectification in which support a system and a hierarchy of immanente values around Cultural Heritage. On the reflections about Cultural Heritage as an analytical category, I search to review some practices and actions tied to the Cultural Heritage pointing to the divergences in relation to social urban dynamics. This analysis has as empirical base the speeches (spread out by several means of media) of some intellectuals from Pernambuco who had been very important on the construction of the idea and values of Cultural Heritage of Pernambuco; and SÃo Josà neighborhood which is part of the historical center of Recife and whose historic value is widely spread. On this way, I try to argue which values and meanings had been tied to the Cultural Heritage of Pernambuco and which divergences could be pointed between practices of urban administration in relation to the quotidian of citizens in the urban dynamic


cultural heritage appropriation patrimÃnio apropriaÃÃo âpatrimonetarizaÃÃoâ âpatrimonializaÃÃoâ urban interventions cotidianidade patrimonializaÃÃo intervenÃÃes urbanas antropologia â patrimonetarizaÃÃo â quotidian

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