O papel do professor na construção da pratica social da leitura




Considering historically determined conditions of classroom discourse asymmetry, this investigation analyses the interaction in reading class and focuses upon two teacher discoursive strategies and their concepts of reading into two different socio cultural contexts. The question that we answer in this work is the following: how does the teacher construct relationships in reading tasks? We analyse question-answer pairs in order to investigate theorical concepts of reading and their effects on social practice, as well as the use of the students knowledge determil1Íng asymmetry in the instituition. The focus of our analyses was the function of verbal signs in the shaping of the interactions. The theoretical framework for this research come from socialinguistics study, incremented by critical discourse analysis. It was conclued that the asymmetry determined by the inequal distribution of power in interpersonal relations was less marked in low literacy group. The construction of more symetrical relations depended both on teacher s flexibility and on the insertion of pupils intertextual references in reading. Teacher s control and his strategy of intervention were important for both academic and interpersonal relations in the classroom


teacher s discourse reading as a social practice interpersonali relations leitura - estudo e ensino relações humanas sociolinguista

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