O papel da reflexão sobre a prática no contexto da formação continuada de professores de Matemática




This research, which deals with the continuous formation of mathematics teachers, was carried out within the Mathematics Studies Program of Post-graduation at PUC/SP. Its main focus was a specialization course in Mathematics Education of a private school in the State of São Paulo. Two basic questions guided this study. The first one refers to the observation of this formation, which was centered in practical activities and tried to make teachers aware of the need for reflection and to highlight its importance, in order to boost their confidence so that they would reveal their concept systems, their knowledge and their practices. The second one refers to the observation of the performance, in classroom, of two teachers who were participating in this formation course. Thus, the main objective of this research was to answer the following questions: (i) What contribution can a continuous formation course, which proposes to build up an understanding which would lead to a reflective approach about their practices, bring to the professional development of the mathematics teacher? (ii) What is the impact of teachers actions in the classroom, as a consequence of his reflections in the continuous formation process? For our data collection, we have adopted an interpretative methodological approach and two studies of qualitative cases were carried out. After the data analysis, we came to the conclusion of the importance of a tearchers formation course based on a reflexive approach about their practice, as well as of its contribution to professional development of the teacher


formação contínua reflexive practice prática reflexiva continuous formation matematica -- estudo e ensino desenvolvimento profissional mathematics education professional development matematica educação matemática educacao matematica

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