O papel da Mídia na construção social do escândalo político




This research has the aim of investigating the way political scandals are constructed by the Brazilian media. For this, I analysed two texts published in national magazines in 2003, with the objective of verifying how the media builds up the political scandal and which simbolic forms are involved. Based on the Critical Discourse Analysis in a transdisciplinary focus, I had as a central consideration the investigation of how the social actors are represented. This study had as theorical basis the Discourse Social Theory (Chouliaraki and Fairclough, 1999; Fairclough, 1995, 1999, 2001, 2003); Media Social Theory and The Political Scandal Theory, both from Thompson (1998, 2002). The analytical cathegories used were: the representation of social actors in van Leeuwen (1996, 1997) and Fairclough (1995, 2001, 2003); the ways of operation of ideology, Thompson (1995). Through the analysis of the texts, it was possible to verify how the lexical choices include strugle over political power and over socialcultural aspects, with the mediatic meaning working towards the ideological control. It was also possible to demonstrate that the mass media has an important role in the construction of concepts and, from this point, in the manegement of political public opinion.


análise do discurso ator social mídia linguistica escândalo político

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