O nacional-popular em Antonio Gramsci / The popular national in Antonio Gramsci




The reaserch development had as its central point the exam of the "popular national" concept in the work of the Italian thinker Antonio Gramsci, with remarks to his production in prison. Through Quaderni del Cárcere, this work seeks to understand all the complexity of that conceptual element. With the current research, the nation project of the Italian author emerged in its broad theoretical wealth, revealing that its understanding is a very important key to grasp the contemporary national question. His reflections about this subject are, certainly, among the most significant in the 20th century. And, precisely for that, they must be understood in their depth. Through the relationship between the "national" and the "popular", Antonio Gramsci tries to recreate the understanding about the working classes and he also seeks to indicate a new way of relationship with the subordinates.


comunismo nation popular culture nação cultura popular communism

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