O medievo em ânove, novenaâ: um percurso para o imaginÃrio




Get in touch with the routes of the imaginary is a way of permiting readings that go beyond the surface of the text and reach the possibilities of the human being. In this sense, the paper THE MEDIEVAL IN NOVE, NOVENA: A WAY TO THE IMAGINARY has the objective of verifying, in the narratives that compose Nove, novena, signs of the medieval imaginary and how does the revised reading of this imaginary in the osmanian production. Such study is justified by Osman Lins for being able to print this work within a global perspective and an asceticism aura, that is compared to the cosmovision of the medieval man. The research has bases on the theories of the studies done by Gilbert Durand, in terms of simbology; in relation to the medieval, among the many consulted authors, Georges Duby and Jacques Le Goff stand out


osman lins literatura brasileira nove, novena medievalism. imaginÃrio nove, novena imaginary teoria literaria medievo osman lins brasilian literature

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