O lugar da prática de ensino e do estágio supervisionado na formação inicial do professor de história : um estudo sobre o curso de história da UNESP/ Assis


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This study aims to investigate the meaning of the discipline Methodology of Teaching Practice and Supervised Training of History?s teachers. Believing that the discipline of Methodology of Teaching Practice and Supervised Training in History?s graduation is crucial for the professional in training, we investigated the relationship between History?s Departments on training teachers. For that was discussed the undergraduate course´s trajectory at UNESP-Assis. For this, we discussed the trajectory of the course for graduate UNESP-Assis. We have special interest in researching the meaning of discipline of the Practice of Teaching Methodology in History and supervised the training of teachers of history made in this institution. Was performed a qualitative case study. Parts of the sources were incorporated in institutional documents and review of literature relevant to the subject. Chosen as target former students of the course of degree in History of UNESP-Assis. Looking to verify the meaning assigned to such discipline of the Practice of Teaching Methodology and supervised in their training proposed to answer a questionnaire. The survey results indicate that the University also discussed earlier, or a subtle form of teacher training, in this sense the stage needs to be examined by other angles, which have not been sufficiently explored and / or understood. This observation alerts us to a review concerning the preparation of teachers by teachers and students of the course and other courses to graduate.


formação de professores prática de ensino - estágio supervisionado teacher training practice teaching - supervised fraining

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