O lugar da música religiosa na construção psicossocial da identidade de jovens presbiterianos independentes no estado de São Paulo


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This research aims to study the place of religious music in the psychosocial construction of the identity of Independent Presbyterian youth in São Paulo state. Its objective aims to verify how the youth identity developed within the changes and transformations of post-modern society and in which way the religious music was present in those changes. In a first moment a bibliographic research was developed which aimed to discuss themes like identity, adolescence, youth, modernity, post-modernity, hybrid culture, music and religion. In the second part the analysis and discussion of the field research data with 245 young people from local communities, at the age of 15 up to 25 years old, was accomplished. The paramount objective was to verify in which way this young modern identity was constructed and how the religious music contributed and influenced this process. There was also an intension to verify the identity construction of the young people, considering the social group of which they are part and how the post-modern culture helped them in the definition of their artistic and musical tastes. It is believed that this research will help in the understanding of the moment of so many social transformations, physical and emotional changes that religious communities experience, the new generations and the worship practice in all of them.


identidade, adolescência, juventude, música, religião ciencias humanas identity, adolescence, youth, music, religion

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