O literario e o não-literario nos textos e imagens do periodico ilustrado O Novo Mundo (Nova Iorque, 1870-1879)




This dissertation talks about some particularities of the Novo Mundo newspaper,edited by José Carlos Rodrigues, who saw the United States, and not France, as model of progress and illustration to be followed - starting with the abolition of the slavery and the implantation of the wage-earning work. This newspaper, that Wasedited in New York, seems to be exemplary of the moment of impasse in the cultural environrnent of Brazil in the decade of seventy of the XIX century. French positivism read on an American way, the periodical supported insistendy, through signed artic1es or not - some with pseudonyms, the majority without signature -, a scientific literature, the useful workmanship that can assist the nation s progresso The conception ofwhat it was had as literary, as well as the function ofliterature (the function that it doesn t assume, the one that it wants to assume), are some questions that appears in Novo Mundo and requires a careful attention. How to conciliate a more practical and useful literature with the literary tradition? How to preserve the national identity against the intromission of intemational models of progress, evolution and sciences? These and other subjects are under discussion in this dissertation. The presence of the poet Joaquim de Sousa Andrade, the Sousândrade, in the team of editors still brings more interest to the newspaper~ so, in the periodical worked Rodrigues, an enthusiastic of the progress, in one way, and, in another way, the critic and bold author of OInferno de WallStreet. In the periodical, a series of elements of a typical cultural environrnent of the last decades of century nineteen can be followed. Which is: the enthusiasm for the scientific discoveries, the instructive texts, more or less narrative, more or less like the feuilletons, the material that was done from the engravings, the critic reviews, notes and chronic1es.They are fragments, in its great part hybrid, that, glue or overlapped, contribute for the reflection about bonds between the press and literature


jornalismo e literatura gravura cronicas brasileiras - sec. xix

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