O Integralismo entre a Família e o Estado: uma análise dos integralismos de Plínio Salgado e Miguel Reale (1932-1937) / The integralismo between family and State: an analysis of the integralismos of Plínio Salgado e Miguel Reale(1932-1937)




Considered Brazils first mass party, the Ação Integralista Brasileira (AIB), founded in 1932 by the paulista writer Plínio Salgado, was a political and cultural movement with intensive (legal) activity until 1937, when it was put on illegality by Getúlio Vargas Estado Novo. Hierarchical organization with an elaborated ritualistic (it counted with an uniform, a militia, a flag, an anthem, celebrations dates and all sort of rituals for different occasions), the Ação Integralista Brasileira worked as an attraction pole for a series of ideas which were against liberalism and communism and, therefore, proposed a new form of political, social and economic structure for the country. Several intellectuals joined the AIB, giving it another important characteristic: the existence of various proposals inside the Integralismo which allowed the creations of integralismos, i.e., propositions that were different from the others, conferring a great heterogeneity to the movement. Thus, the objective of this work is to analyse and to understand the integralismos of two of its main intellectuals, Plínio Salgado e Miguel Reale, whom elaborated proposals that were quite different, almost the opposite from each other. Plínio Salgado created an integralismo with totalitarian characteristics, and Miguel Reale, with conservative and authoritarian ones. By analysing each proposal, one isolated from the other, this work is going to, first, try to demonstrate which elements in the thought of each author allows its approach to the totalitarianism, the conservatism and the authoritarianism; and then, put in relief the main differences between them.


miguel reale authoritarianism miguel reale totalitarismo - brasil totalitarismo historia do brasil republica autoritarismo conservatism conservadorismo integralismo totalitarianism reale, miguel, 1910-2006. integralismo - brasil salgado, plínio, 1895-1975. integralismo plínio salgado plínio salgado

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