O ingresso de pessoa com deficiência na administração pública municipal: um estudo exploratório




The purpose of this research is to tackle the entry of Handicap people on the Public Administration, studying the testimony of two Handicap employees from Sao Paulo City Hall that work on a department specially assigned for Handicaps (Seped).The analysis of contents resulted in 11 different subjects that later were regrouped by similarity and correlation between them, leaving us with three major categories which are: Entry on the Job Market, Inclusion on Society and People who Discriminate, keeping that taboo alive. Among the contributions of this study are the critic vision of the interviewed, who are against a discrimination by society where exclusion and prejudice exist, and the meaning and importance of work on their lives, leading to independence, self esteem, identity and social participation.


assistencialismo pessoa com deficiência work trabalho integração social employed handicap social integration psicologia

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