O Governo da conduta : o poder médico e a liberdade dos indivíduos na sociedade contemporânea / The Government s conduct : medical power and freedom of individuals in contemporary society


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The art of governing our own existence and of others has become an indispensable question for the constitution of the ways of subjectivity at the modernity. Michel Foucault has developed a rich and complex analytical perspective of this theme starting from the studies about the liberal governmentality. At the present time, a series of transformations on the government territory has given a new configuration to this question. In the new art of governing that was constituted in the second post-war, we see the progressive strengthening of the idea that the individual should be the active author of his life choices and also the only responsible for the risks and dangers that these choices implicate. The objective of this research is to delineate the map of the relations of forces that make the management of the risks in the search of the perfect health a technology of government of the subjectivity. Initially, in the economical and political scenery characterized by the classical liberalism, the elements of that art of government are presented through the analysis of the technology of safety, having in its center the medicalization of life and normalization of the disciplinary society, of the constitution and statement of the bourgeois individualism and of the consolidation of the nation-State. Next, in the passing from the disciplinary society to the control society, we attempt to point at the existent affinity between the political rationality of an advanced liberalism and its autonomy ethics, with the speech of the risk to health at the present time. Inside this new scenery, we examine the new procedures and techniques of the health medicalization and their effects on the subjectivity production. The analyses on the government of conduct make possible the construction of a critical thought about our relationship with the historical practices and their effects. Because to interrogate the history is to denaturalize its events, making the game of forces that gives body to reality appear.


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