O folclore brasileiro no direito ambiental constitucional




This a master s dissertation deals with the legal guardianship of Brazilian folklore, in the context of environmental law constitutional, whose development made from the perspective of the cultural environment, with reasons supported in the constitutional text, especially in Articles 215 and 216 of the Federal Constitution. The Federal Constitution requires the state and the community a duty to preserve the assets of material and immaterial nature, among them, the forms of expression, as an essential condition for life worthy and healthy quality of life. The thesis begins with the approach of cultural aspects (of the cultural origins and cultural rights) and their inter-relationship with the cultural heritage, returning itself to the functions and importance of the cultural heritage of the State Democratic socioambientalismo of law, the constitutional guidelines, which must be adopted by the Democratic State of Law, necessary for the implementation of the national plan of culture, and environmental instruments for the protection of the cultural patrimony of Brazil. At the end of the dissertation, the folklore is studied as all the creations of a cultural community, representative of its identity, as well as the factors for the identification of the demonstration folklore, as intangible expressions of Brazilian culture, carrier reference to the identity of the action and the memory of trainers groups of Brazilian society


folclore -- brasil patrimonio cultural -- brasil meio ambiente cultural direito direito ambiental -- brasil brasil -- direito constitucional cultural environment

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