O estilo gerencial do executivo público catarinense




The purpose of this study was make an utterance of the managerial style of the public executive from Santa Catarina and compare it with public executives from Minas Gerais and United States, considering their capacity in giving and receiving feedback and their opening or auto-expositions in the interrelations with subordinates. It began with a review of the literature about functions and managerial style from several contributions that exist in the theory of the organizations. The theoric countersignement used in this essay was stablished in “Johari’s Window”, of Luft, that brought the possibility of the analysis of the interpersonal relations, considering the feedback variants and opening. The research is descriptive and still comparative, being applied to public executives from Santa Catarina, between the occupants of the first and the second hierarchic rungs. The instrument used was the questionnaire “Personel Relations Surwey”, of John Hall and Martha Williams, the same was applied at the researches that had been made in Minas Gerais and in United States. It was evident, by the statistic analysis in coherence with the theoric model, several conclusions, among them we detach: a) The unexistence of a standart managerial style between public executives from Santa Catarina; b) Executives from this state use more feedback than executives from Minas Gerais and the same as north-americans; c) The executives from Santa Catarina have more opening (overture) than mineiros and north-americans; d) Some personel variants interfere in the managerial style of the public executive from Santa Catarina.


executivo : gerencia : sc

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