O estado como regulador econômico: uma avaliação da experiência gaúcha de concessão de rodovias


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This dissertation aims to evaluate the performance of Rio Grande do Sul in its role as economic regulator in the specific case of highway concessions in this state. For this purpose, the reasons that conducted the Government to adopt this measure were analyzed, emphasizing the crisis of the Brazilian state in the 1980s. The consequences of this crisis highlighted the need to reformulate the role of the state, these changes were presented in the State Reform of the 1990s. In this context of changes in the country intensified the privatization process, and then began the concessions of certain public services such as road concessions. From these changes was assessed as the state played its new role such Economic Regulator, especially in the process of granting highways to the private sector. For this, the priorities for implementation of the concessions were surveyed, analyzing the specific case of Rio Grande do Sul, the implementation of concession contracts and behavior of the value of the toll. After this analysis can be seen that the lack of previous experience in the formulation of contracts and contractual breaches have weakened the concessions model of the state, especially the impact on the toll value.


economia polÍtica econÔmica pedÁgio - brasil intervenÇÃo do estado na economia economia

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