O espaço público e a territorialidade do lazer na Estância Turística Ilha Solteira, SP




This paper results a research about leisure public space inserted in Ilha Solteira SP urban space, a planed city in a segregated spatially associated way, at first for settling workers who built the power plant and the city in 1967. It was emancipated in 1991 and has taken to Tour Country Estate due to its natural and environmental resources since 2000. The urban leisure public space of Tour Country Estate is evaluated and analyzed (qualy-quantitatively), considering its shape and structure, as well the territory and the local citizens perception. Analyzing of leisure public space was made by a bibliographic revision and remark, as it is inserted in the citizens day and its changes because of the function exchange. It is clear, the little care given to the simple and traditional leisure ways like the squares which they are not shine and sophisticated like other ways created for leisure as clubs and malls, and they are not profitable and neglected by cities. Considering these leisure spaces, like squares and streets are used mainly for poor people, it has little importance, once the day of this part of population does not enjoy their citizen rights. Otherwise, it can conclude the leisure space as equipment for urban dwellers are imbricate to social division of work. With this expectation, this study helps how to plan the future, organization, and or reorganization this space for that it can form specific equipments of leisure, contribute in a significative way to live better in the city, stop the monotony of houses, establish reference of places and affective bond, it really can increase the tour power of the city.


percepção ambiental geografia urbana public leisure urban space espaço urbano environmental perception lazer público

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