O ensino da música no contexto escolar: uma pesquisa nas escolas particulares da rede de ensino fundamental de Salvador.




This research aimed to study musical education in private elementary schools in Salvador-Bahia. It was first made a previous research so that it was possible to delimitate the study universe, to define the research sample and to do the investigation in the schools. During the research 280 out of 431 schools were contacted. 34 of them have musical classes with actual music teachers. In 28 of these 34 schools the classes are in the elementary level. 24 of these 28 schools have music classes from the 1st to the 4th year of the elementary school. It was necessary to divide the research in different moments and to use different methodological approaches to be successful in carrying out this research. The first moment had a qualitative method with the application of questionnaires in the schools that accepted to take part of the research (18 schools) with 36 respondents as coordinators and teachers. In this moment data were collected referring to the amount of schools with music classes, place, school year students have music classes, classes periods, emphasis given to the classes, kind of music classes, teachers profile, pedagogical material used by and disposed to children during music classes, function given to music in these schools, how and by whom the musical projects and pedagogical support were carried out. On the second moment of qualitative method (case study/multicase), it was done semi-structured interviews and partial class filming in four schools, where, from this study, it was pointed out difficulties faced by music teachers and students in the musical scholar practice and deepened subjects referring to the first moment of the research in a more descriptive and qualitative approach. The initial question of this research was: how is the situation of teaching and learning of music in elementary schools (from 1st to 4th year) of private schools in Salvador city? Then it was made a more specific question for investigation: what are the main difficulties found by music teachers and students in the context of these private elementary schools in Salvador and how these difficulties have influenced the leaning and teaching process and the pedagogical practice of the teaching of music?


escolas particulares ensino fundamental salvador musical education educação musical elementary teaching musica private schools salvador

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