O ensino da multiplicação para crianças e adultos : conceitos, principios e metodologias




This study, which was based in Jean Piaget’s Genetic Epistemology and in Vergnaud’s literature, analyses the teaching processes utilized by Junior High School teachers and in the education of youngsters and adults when it comes to teaching the notion of multiplication. It was done ten municipal public schools of the city of Ribeirão Preto/SP. Its goal is to verify the influence that the comprehension, conceptions and beliefs concerning multiplication and its learning have to do with the form of teaching children and adults. Five High School teachers and five teachers of youngsters and adults participated voluntarily as subjects to this study. The methodology used for the interpretation of the data was the content analyses as well as the quantitative results of the questionnaire on beliefs. Procedures of recording in video and audio, interviews of memory stimulation, clinical interviews and questionnaires on beliefs and multiplication exercises formulated by the teachers. The results demonstrated that not only the conceptions of multiplication learning are implicit in the teachers’ teaching procedure in both groups as well as an insufficient knowledge about this notion and its processes for the construction of the learning from the students. The way the teacher learned the multiplication was demonstrated to be used as reference by the High school teachers as well as by the teachers educating youngsters and adults. The geneses of the cognitive structures that made the construction of the multiplication notion possible and the genesis of the multiplication thought were demonstrated to be very little known by the teachers of both groups and therefore, are not references for the teachers in the organization of their didactic processes. These results signalized the need of reviewing not only the basic formation of the teachers but also the work developed along with the teachers in their continued formation.


ensino educação do adolescente ensino de primeiro grau matematica (primeiro grau) educação de adultos didatica

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