O ensino da história e o pensamento reflexivo-crítico da professora no 3 ano do Ensino Fundamental




This collaborative research is a qualitative approach, from historical and cultural perspective, made about a teacher of third grade of basic education in the area of history, in the municipality of Caicó / RN. It has as objective to investigate, in a collaborative action, if the design process of teaching and learning the discipline of history based on the relationship before / after allows the development of critical reflective thinking of the teacher in school practices. The theoretical and methodological approaches are supported in the postulates of Vygotsky (1998), Rubinstein (1973) and Linblinskaia (1979), among others, whose understanding has led us to reflect if the teacher develops the reflective critical-thinking in history discipline classes. The complexity of the study led us to an analysis exercise, using different methodological procedures, such as: bibliographic review of the literature, considering also the literature of the history area, interviews, observation in the classroom, video recordings and reflective sessions, enabling clarify the construction and reconstruction of thought that the teacher had been developing during the process of teaching and learning. The test results point to a dichotomy between theory and practice, and also to a certain fragility in the position of professor in teaching and learning the discipline of history, at the third grade of basic education. The teacher recognizes that she requires a theoretical deepening with more intensity, as a process of continuous training to improve the practice of teaching in history school, though, stating in her speech that her teaching practice is based on critical reflection. However, she presents serious limitations in classroom practices. We conclude that, although she has shown willing to work on a critical perspective of reality, showed also poor change at school practices, starting to reflect about her own actions, pointing her limits and the changes needed that didnt become reality yet. Its necessary a formative process for her. The study therefore showed that even with the sessions and reflective of deepening theoretical studies, the teacher does not change its profile, while maintaining its traditional vision in any pedagogical action. This research recommends the formation of school groups for further studies and discussion on the practices of education in history area from a reflective-critical thought perspective as a mean of personal and professional development


pensamento educacao ensino de história thought critical reflection school practice práticas escolares reflexão crítica history teaching

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