O discurso político do Estado Novo / The political discourse of the Estado Novo




The aim of this work is to analyze the political discourse produced by the Brazilian Government during the period known as Estado Novo. In particular, the role of DIP (the Department of Press and Propaganda) is investigated in the formulation of this discourse. The dissertation also brings a conceptual discussion about the role of the working classes in this period and their relationship with the State. In sum, the working classes were initially presented in most works as passive agents or masses, but later passed to be considered as conscious actors. Moreover this work analyses the Estado Novo discourse, noting how the images of the regime at the period as well as the manner with which the State related to society were elaborated and debated by intellectuals directly connected to the Government in an official magazine, Cultura Política. Finally the dissertation points out that the political discourse became more appealing in moments such as the May First Celebrations when the State addressed directly to the working classes.


political discourse working classes populismo estado novo discurso político classes trabalhadoras populism estado novo

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