O direito à educação, a qualidade do ensino jurídico e o acesso à justiça.




The main aim of the present study is to analyze the Right to Education and the repercussion of Juridical teaching quality in the access to Justice. The problematic in connected to justiciability of fundamental rights, which imposed the positive acting of the state in the concretization of Social Rights, including the right to education and favoring of the access to higher education. In order to reach the goal of this work it was developed a documental, bibliographical and legislative research which allowed us to investigate the quantitative expansion of Higher Education and the spread of juridical courses as well as the identification of the lack of correspondence between quantity and quality, departing from the low passing rate of the lawyer order examination in Brazil and also other indicators. The investigation of Juridical teaching history in Brazil reinforced the distinction to the institutional function influence in the lawyer order examination in Brazil in the struggle for juridical teaching of good quality and the evolution of educational norms including, among others, the criteria of social necessity which demonstrated the identity of interests between this identity of class and the democratic state of right. The evaluation of the new hermeneutic paradigms imposed by the actual social order demonstrated bigger demand for a juridical formation ruled in social state values. Such demand was mainly evidenced for being the jurisdictional function of the state and essentially carried out by Law bachelors stimulating the possibility of decreasing the effective degree of the fundamental principle of access to justice, especially when it comes to the jurisdictional via. At the end of this research it was concluded that through the necessity and balancing the fundamental rights to education and access to justice, is a means of adjusting its respective degrees of efficacy at the moment of concretization, once the harmonization of fundamental principles is the means of reinforcing unity and coherence of Constitution and the values which are enclosed in it


balance of fundamental rights quality of juridical teaching acesso à justiça ensino superior right to education direito direito à educação access to justice direitos fundamentais direito-estudo e ensino qualidade do ensino jurídico direito à educação-brasil acesso à justiça

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