O desvelar do silêncio na obra Vidas Secas, de Graciliano Ramos




This work is set in the area of the Literature and Literary Criticism. It interprets the work Vidas 5ecas (Barren Lives) by Gaciliano Ramos under the perspective of the revealing of the silence, whose discourse reaffirms the poetry in the rhythm and images (re)created by words in an hostile environment. Despite the silence of the characters, it verifies the survival of the poetic through the language. It bases the verbal manifestation of the silence, the construction of the romance and the poetic of the silence. It discusses the structural aspects of the narrative speech, the use of formal elements like the reconstitution of the mental state of the characters in the monologs, the scenery in the dialogs, the Rhetoric of the constant repetitions, the narrative focus and the temporary chronologic emphasis as a role based on the arising of impressions of the silence. It ensures the importance of the work in the Brazilian Literature field as an artistic expressing way. It assures the construction process of this work as a literary phenomenon by focusing on the creation act under the structural and stylistic aspects of the verbal communication. It speaks of the causality of the silence forms showed through the new narrative techniques and the linguistic code selection. Lastly, it exposes the drama of the characters searching for the word as a way of survival. 50 the language is revealed in two plans: externally, words are unfinished attempts of dialogs, and internally, the dialogs grow without linguistic mistakes, with coherence and extreme capacity of image-language visualization


poesia no ritmo poesia nas imagens silencio poetry in the images ramos, graciliano -- 1892-1953 -- vidas secas -- critica e interpretacao silence analise do discurso literario literatura comparada silêncio poetry in the rhythm

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