O desafio gramsciano aos batistas paulistanos : uma reflexão sobre práxis social e vivência entre os batistas paulistanos




This work has the objective of presenting e proposing a dialectic reflection of the social Cosmo - vision from the Baptist people of São Paulo as a social entity. In other words, what is the social praxis adopted for the group as an active social unit in search for a conciliation of the Baptist conceptual thinking in Brazil, essentially in Sao Paulo, being the study object of this academic research in its developing applicative. This research has also the objective to promote a deep analysis of the theme presenting a real projection through Field research developed and promoted exclusively for this purpose, where the author tries to investigate how the relation between comprehension and action specially the models of social intervention adopted. However this analysis is in need of a reading spot, a horizon, a path for the research. As a theoretical reference the author adopted the Italian thinker and philosopher Antonio Gramsci, through which the analytical perspective develops in a particular manner the process of dialectic interpretation of the work. To understand the cosmo vision of a religious group as conduct line of a social intervention process (in a logical sense) results in the central objective of this work even when associated to an exterior analysis perspective (Gramsci), where this analysis demonstrates the possibility of unifying intentions and needs.


intervenção social igreja batista social intervention church protestantism antonio gramsci ciencias humanas baptist protestantismo antonio gramsci

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