O (des)prestígio social na profissão docente : o ser professor/a nas séries iniciais.




The present dissertation informs the results of an ethno-research about the movement of social (dis)repute in the teaching profession, and brings into focus beginning classes? teacher from the Basic Instruction Center at UEFS. Throughou recorded interviews, written sources, and other means, social, representations of basic teachers in a particular context of work were analysed as well as some representations released by mass-media, through local and nacional press, about teaching, career, profissions, and about the (dis)repute and unworthiness which nowadays characterizes the ocupation, mainly at that level of teaching. This is a study of case with hermeneutical inspiration which phenomenogical critical approach has become an effort of understanding how those social representations of social (dis)repute are created, as well as the interpretation of that dialectical movement inside the practice of teaching by beginning classes? teachers, and its probable development over their professionality.


teaching career valorização carreira social (dis) repute representações sociais worthiness docência educacao professionality social representations desprestígio social

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