O cuidador do idoso com insuficiência renal crônica em diálise peritoneal ambulatorial contínua / The caregiver of elderly patients with chronic renal insufficiency receiving continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis.




Elderly patients with terminal chronic renal insufficiency (TCRI) receiving Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) treatment demand greater attention from the family due to the difficulties deriving from the disease, including dialysis bag change. This study aims to: characterize elderly people with diagnosed TCRI under CAPD, who receive care at a Nephrology Unit of a teaching hospital in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil, as well as their respective family caregivers, and to describe the care process for these elderly. This is a qualitative study, using the thematic oral history for data collection. Thematic data analysis according to Minayo was adopted for data analysis. Study participants were nine family caregivers of elderly with TCRI under CAPD treatment. Data were collected at the caregivers homes between August 2007 and January 2008. As to the elderlys characterization, 55.6% were men; the mean age was 70 years; 88.9% were married; 88.9% retired and 55.6% received one minimum wage (MW); on the average, they had received care for 2.4 years and all clients depended on another person to change the dialysis bag. With respect to the caregivers, 88.9% were women, 77.8% married, with a mean age of 41.5 years. As for income, 66.7% received between two and four MWs and 22.2% received one MW. Eight hours per day were dedicated to care. Data analysis revealed four categories: the impact of TCRI and treatment for the elderly and the caregiver; the home care process for the elderly with TCRI under CAPD; reactions of the caregiver towards the experience of taking care of the elderly with TCRI at home; support systems and resources for home care delivery to the elderly. The study revealed the need to work with the family, in the attempt to help the caregiver to develop knowledge and skills to deal with the care demand the elderly with TCRI requires, mainly in relation to the CAPD.


chronic idoso peritoneal dialysis cuidado. diálise peritoneal care. insuficiência renal crônica aged renal insufficiency

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