O controle da atuação das agências reguladoras federais brasileiras




The purpose of the present study shall be to analyze, from the judicial point of view, this novel theme in the Brazilian judicial ordinance, known as Regulatory Agencies and the control of its performance. Far from being perfect, or aiming to answer all questions that are involved in this subject, this monograph searches for the doctrine in the study of the types of performance controls used by these agencies, which certainly is not studied quite enough. To reach the intended objective, we propose a brief analysis of the Government Interference in the Economic Area and its Ruling and Investigating Function. We submit the idea of ruling agency, as a special department, with its function and restriction of actual work. The difference between the concepts of ruling and regulations, as well as autonomy and independence will also be studied for a better understanding of the proposed subject. So, this study is not the first one and will not be the last one of the subject in this track. Certainly it is worthy to give continuity to researches already made in this area. It aims also to stimulate thoughts and debates to advance the understanding of the subject, opening the mind to more questions, looking for more efficiency in controlling, including the creation of new techniques of control and improvement of the existing ones.


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