O consumo de bebida alcóolica pelas gestantes: um estudo exploratório


Escola Anna Nery




The research of quantitative and explorer nature had the general objective to argue the reasons/factors that take the pregnant women to consume alcoholic beverage. The scene was the Prenatal clinic of the Hospital Antonio Pedro, Niterói. Forty future mothers had been part of the study, having as instrument of collection of data two forms with closed questions. The analysis of the data evidenced that 10% of the pregnant women had the habit to consume moderately alcoholic beverage, being the main reason the presence in parties and commemorations beyond felt happy and relaxed at the moment of consumption. About the knowledge on the teratogen of the alcohol, it was evidenced that only half of the pregnant women that had consumed alcoholic beverage believed that this practical could affect its son. The study disclosed that data as the life style must be valued in Prenatal assistance being able to direct educative actions, aiming at the quality of life of the familiar nucleus.


alcoolismo gravidez cuidado pré-natal síndrome alcoólica fetal e enfermagem

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