O conceito de estetização da política em Walter Benjamin : a mídia e o estado em tempos de barbárie




This study points out its reflections with bigger emphasis in as the period of the philosophical trajectory of Walter Benjamin, identified for Rochlitz as a phase where its writings more incisively place the service of the enrollment politician. We look for to detach of its aesthetic theory of the art the passage of its analysis on the of the politics and the politicalization of the art. The pretension is not to satisfy only with the trades that the aesthetical of the politics and the life they had provoked in the industrialized capitalist countries, but to glimpse the possibilities of emancipation of the individuals. Of this form the trod way passes for a reflection on the philosophy of Walter Benjamin and analysis of the process of destruction of the aura of the arts described in its assay the work of art in the age of its reproducibility technique de1936. Moving away itself of cult order this emancipated art affirms its value of exposition and provokes a new aesthetic perception, of nature collective and not syntonized with the requirements of the society of masses for the processes of urbanization and industrialization. Living in a born in the kingdom time where the barbarity of the war and the totalitarianism politician, Walter Benjamin looks for to print, in its analysis, perspective dialectic in the direction to excite a revolutionary intervention of the masses politicized by means of the cinema and the epic theater and of the widely reproduced art of vanguard. Objective, still, to demonstrate to the prevalence of the aesthetical of the politics anchored in the strong interference of the media in the social life and politics of the democratic societies of market capitalism, characterizing itself for a true aesthetical of the life.


política estetização arte arte - filosofia ciência política - filosofia emancipation emancipação filosofia alemã - séc. xx filosofia estética aesthetic politics benjamin, walter, 1892-1940 - crítica e interpretação walter benjamin art

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