O computador no ensino-aprendizagem presencial de língua inglesa para professores em formação




The present study describes and interprets an experience of teachinglearning English mediated by computer in a face-to-face environment, lived by undergraduate students of Languages. The study also focuses on the representations these students had about using computers for language teaching purposes, before and after the accomplishment of two sequenced communicative tasks. In order to reach the established goals, the research was methodologically grounded on the hermeneutic-phenomenological approach (van Manen, 1990), and theoretically based on issues related to learning mediated by computers (Warschauer, 2000), digital literacy (Tfouni,1988,1995; Kleiman,1995,1998; Sampaio and Leite,2000), representations (Moscovici,1984,1994; Freire and Lessa,2003), and communicative tasks (Nunan, 1989). The phenomenon on focus in this study was experienced throughout the accomplishment of two sequenced communicative tasks, undertaken as a twentyhour extracurricular activity. Data were collected through an initial questionnaire and two reflective guidelines applied after the accomplishment of each task. The outcomes are presented in two sections: the first regards the participants representations about using computers for English teaching-learning purposes, and reveals that the initial intuitive perceptions are confirmed; however, in the end, they were grounded on the experience lived. The second section addresses the experienced phenomenon, describing it and presenting the temes that provide its structure - knowledge, environment, and interaction - detailed in their respective subtemes. Besides describing and interpreting the phenomenon of living the experience of using computers for educational purposes, and identifying the representations of those who had experienced it, the research also contributes to enlarge the discussion about digital inclusion as a form to avoid social exclusion


lingua inglesa -- estudo e ensino -- ensino auxiliado por computador ensino-aprendizagem pelo computador professores de ingles -- formacao profissional english language teachinglearning by computer inclusão digital linguistica aplicada língua inglesa digital inclusion

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