O centro de Campinas (SP) : usos e transformações / Campinas (SP) dontown : uses and transformations




The present study searched to understand Downtown, their origins, their transformations through out the times in the capitalist city as a point of territorial concentration in the city of the commerce, industry and services, until the nowadays. Which, the downtown presents under several forms and functions, in the most different parts of the world and Brazil. Starting from the years 1970 we observed the tendency to the degradation of the traditional centers through the dispersion of the population, of the commerce and services to the other places of the city, as the sub-centers of periphery, shopping centers, hypermarkets and mega-stores. In this perspective, the urban planning started to study the Downtowns and tried to find alternatives to promote the recovery or revitalization of the central areas, which we have several examples around the world, as the case of Barcelona, Lisbon among others. We focused in this paper the study of Downtown of Campinas, São Paulo, that is a case of a center that it was suffering urban interventions since the end of the XIX century and that it was deeply transformed ever since


geografia urbana campinas (sp) urbanização urban geography urbanization campinas (sp) downtown

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