O caso âMaria do Socorroâ: escÃndalo polÃtico, imprensa e eleiÃÃes




Political scandals are a phenomenon that haunts many contemporary democratic societies and that has become so important due to the activity of the mass media, the main mediator between the citizen and the political world. The theme can show in greater detail the relationship between communication and politics within societies which there are democratic regimes, taking into account the interests of journalistic and political fields in the disclosure of such events. The study will be conducted under the light of the constructivist theories of journalism like newsmaking and agenda-setting. The subject of this work is the scandal "Maria do Socorro" what happened in the municipal elections in Recife, 2004, and was one of the factors that may have influenced the outcome of the election


journalism comunicacao jornalismo escÃndalo polÃtico political scandal noticiabilidade newsworthiness

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