O ano internacional da tabela periódica e o ensino de química: das cartas ao digital


Quím. Nova




Proclaimed by UNESCO the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements in 2019 (IYPT 2019) will commemorate a remarkable series of important milestones in the history of the periodic table of chemical elements. The periodic table is a valuable instrument for chemistry teaching and their study is important in the development of key chemical concepts. In this sense, this paper aims to present a systematic review of the literature on the productions involving the periodic table in the chemistry teaching, sought answer how the periodic table has been used in the chemistry teaching and what didactic strategies used. For this, a systematic review was carried out in six chemistry journals (with papers in the area of Chemical Education) in the period 2009-2018. During the review, we found four categories (level of education, approach, strategy, didactic/pedagogical resource). The results show that of the 28 articles analyzed, 40% of the publications used didactic/pedagogical approaches. Furthermore, it was possible to observe that ludicity (43%), bibliographic survey (25%) and didactic sequences (18%) represented the strategies most used in these articles. Finally, was evidence that card games, board games, and digital games are the most used didactic/pedagogical resources in the journals’ publications.

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