Nutritional plans of digestible phosphorus for growing-finishing barrows


R. Bras. Zootec.




ABSTRACT This study was conducted to evaluate nutritional plans of digestible phosphorus for barrows weighing between 30 and 100 kg. Eighty animals were distributed in a randomized block design with five nutritional plans containing 2.19-1.86-1.71, 2.57-2.23-2.09, 2.94-2.61-2.46, 3.32-2.99-2.84, and 3.70-3.36-3.32 g of digestible phosphorus kg−1 of diet, respectively, for the phases of 30 to 50 kg, 50 to 70 kg, and 70 to 100 kg, with eight replications and two barrows per experimental unit. The nutritional plans of digestible phosphorus had no effect on the final body weight, feed intake, daily weight gain, or feed conversion of barrows. The daily intake of digestible phosphorus increased with the dietary concentrations of digestible phosphorus. Of the carcass characteristics assessed, only muscle depth responded significantly to the highest concentration of digestible phosphorus, as assessed in barrows sequentially fed the 3.70-3.36-3.32 g kg−1 diet. The nutritional plans had no effect on backfat, rib eye area, or carcass lean tissue mass, percentage, and deposition. The nutritional plan containing 2.19-1.86-1.71 g kg−1 of digestible phosphorus meet the nutrient requirements for performance and carcass characteristics of barrows weighing from 30 to 100 kg.

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