Nutrition and Cardiovascular Diseases: Programming and Reprogramming


Int. J. Cardiovasc. Sci.




Abstract The Developmental Origin of Health and Disease (DOHaD) is an area of science dedicated to studying the processes by which insults during critical periods of mammals development leading to physiological changes resultig in diseases throughout life. Studies point to a complex interaction between nutritional status in early life and cardiovascular system homeostasis in which maternal malnutrition during gestation and/or lactation, as well as early weaning, are associated with development of cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. In this context, epigenetic changes, such as DNA methylation, histone acetylation, and change in microRNA expression have been considered molecular bases of cellular plasticity, which can also be gender-dependent. Experimental studies have demonstrated that interventions encompassing the consumption of functional food/bioactive compounds, as well as energetic and nutrients adjustments on the diet, may attenuate or even prevent consequences associated with plasticity of development, improving cardiovascular health. This review aimed to gather and discuss the findings within this context, published over the last ten years.

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