Nurse management work process analysis in a private hospital in São Paulo: possibilities for care management. / Análise do processo de trabalho gerencial do enfermeiro em um hospital privado no Município de São Paulo: possibilidades para o gerenciamento do cuidado.




The general purpose of this research was to analyze the nurse management work process. The specific goals were to identify and analyze the existence of separation or articulation on the management and assistance activities of a nurse, to analyze the goals of the management work process of a nurse, and to identify their priorities. A qualitative approach was used, and health and nursing work-studies were referenced. The research took placed at a private hospital located in a central region of São Paulo. The data was collected from semi-structured interviews with ten nurses who work in an inpatient care unit. The empirical analysis used Bardins technique for content analysis. The results show that supplies and equipment control are the prevailing activities of the management work process. The research also shows the possibility of articulation between the management and assistance activities of a nurse, sometimes implied on the reports with no reference to the existing connections, sometimes explicit, which explains the care management practice. At least shows the inexistence of separation between the two processes of work.


human resource nursing administration hospital private cuidados de enfermagem nursing care recursos humanos hospitais privados administração em enfermagem

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