Numerical analysis of soft soil improved with stone column technique


REM, Int. Eng. J.




Abstract The present research aims to do a numerical study on the behavior of a test embankment reinforced with stone column spacing of 1.85 m in a square grid with an average diameter of 1.0 m and 11.35 m length. The case study investigated the work in a steel company (ThyssenKrupp), located in Santa Cruz, western region of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, where a large-sized ore yard was built for loading and unloading activities. It was built on very soft and compressible clay with support of several equipment installed to monitor the area. These data were compared with plane strain analysis results of vertical displacement, horizontal displacement and excess pore pressure obtained by two finite element programs: PLAXIS and RS² (Rocsience). Results showed that Mohr Coulomb model predicted well vertical displacement comparing with a Cam-Clay model and the instrumentation data. Simulated curves of excess pore pressure and horizontal displacement presented expected peculiarities that are interpreted throughout the article. Numerical analysis of yielding columns demonstrate compatibility between both models.

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