Numerical analysis of compressed cold formed steel members considering initial geometric imperfections / Análise numérica de perfis de aço formados a frio comprimidos considerando imperfeições geométricas iniciais




The work presents a numerical analysis on cold-formed steel members compressed between pinned ends. One is about an inquiry carried through in finite elements in which it was studied the influence of initial geometric imperfections, existing in plain channels and lipped channels, under the aspects of its form, magnitude and signal. The geometric imperfection is adopted on the forms of the local, global and distortional buckling modes, observing the susceptibility to such modes for each type of section. Each imperfection is evaluated on the isolated way and after that of associated way. Referring aspects to the strategy of modeling adopted in the construction of the numerical models are presented, as well as aspects of interest with regard to the developed nonlinear analyses. For ends of attainment of the ultimate load, it is examined the possibility to use isolated buckling modes to represent the geometric imperfections, as long as the amplitude it is adjusted. The cases that had applied coupled imperfection to represent the geometric imperfection detach the paper of the signal of the imperfection of the global type with regard to its association to the imperfections of the types local and distortional for lipped channels and, to the one of the local type for plain channels.


cold-formed members imperfeições geométricas análise numérica geometric imperfections steel structures perfis formados a frio numerical analysis estruturas de aço

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