Numerical analysis of beams composed of concrete and wood / Analise numerica de vigas mistas em concreto e madeira




The technologycal development of the design in wood structures has improved the knowledge of the material mechanical properties and the connection systems applied to structures. Composite structures of wood with concrete or steel and structural reinforcement using polymer fibers have become a reality. These structures, constituted by associating materials with different mechanical properties are an alternative solution for current using structures in civil construction. This arrangement aims at obtaining a reduction of construction costs also maintaing the structural safety with advantageous environmental and architectural performance. The integration of a composite structure is, in general, due to the efficiency of the connection system that can be rigid or flexible type. This system is responsible to transfer the longitudinal shear force on the interface of the associated materials along the beam length and to avoid the vertical detachment of them as well. This research contributes to the analysis of the mechanical performance of the composite beams in three ways: bidimensional finite element program, analytical solution of the equilibrium equations and virtual work principle equation via. The last approach was conceived from structural theory researches, expanding their concepts for composite beams. The proposal formulation fulfils the equilibrium equation showing to be consistent and the results fit with the experimental data. This formulation can be easily integrated to a finite element procedure requiring unidimensional elements only


metodo dos elementos finitos concrete and wood virtual work principle analise numerica composite structures vigas

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