Notificação de maus-tratos em crianças e adolescentes por profissionais da equipe saúde da família - Fortaleza (Ce)




The work in the area of the violence against child and the adolescent requests intervention professional and the action becomes more effective when promoted by a group of institutions acting in a coordinated way - I " work in net ". In that sense, the notification provides visibility of the limits of the service of health, the problem there detected and it summons partnerships whose action has been showing indispensable in the area. Before the dimension of the problem for the collective health, the study (i) it analyzed the process of notification of ill-treatments in children and adolescents for doctors, male nurses and dentists of the Strategy Health of the Family in Fortaleza-Ceará, in the exercise of your practice; (ii) it identified those professionals optics in relation to ill-treatments in children and adolescents and (iii) it investigated the difficulties referred by the participants that interfere in the notification, during the attendance in the Strategy Health of the Family. With quantitative approach, it was characterized as a study of cut-traverse, accomplished in Fortaleza, Ceará, between August and November of 2007, with the 359 medical professionals participation, male nurses and dentists, registered in the Teams of Health of the Family. As instrument of collection of data was used a questionnaire with closed and open questions that it was given to the participants with your local managers mediation. The data originating from of the closed subjects were organized, codified, tabulated and submitted to the descriptive statistical analysis and calculations of the probability measures, through the test qui-square of Pearson (x2) with respective value of p = 0,05, in the program Statistical Social Package Sciences - SPSS, version 13.0 goes Windows. The answers of the open subjects were analyzed through the analysis of content freqüencial proposed by Bardin (1977). The research was approved by the committee of ethics of the University of Fortaleza with the number 072/2007. Among the 359 participants, 52,0% didn t know the notification record; 69,0% denied participation in some training on the theme and 10,5% didn t have interest in updating on her the subject. Among the professionals, the male nurses were what more notified the violence against children and adolescents registering a percentile of 44,0%. The time of those professionals formation went significant estatisticamente to the notification of cases (p=0,002) and the knowledge of the notification record was significant in the identification of the cases of violence for the professional (p <0,001). These professionals visualize the importance of instituting the notification of ill-treatments in the basic attention, once 85,7% affirmed to be beneficial that practice. The difficulties referred by the professionals for us to execute the notification of ill-treatments in practice of the basic attention they were the fear of legal and emotional involvement, lack of trainings in the area, misses of structure of the support services the victim and the professional, among others. It is ended that the notification of ill-treatments in children and adolescents for professionals of the Strategy Health of the Family happens of punctual way and not systematized, in that sense, the increment of programs of continuous formation, the improvement of the protection institutions to the child and the adolescent and the amplification of the nets of professional support can reduce the degree of professional insecurity and to increase the number of notifications of cases of illtreatments.


saude coletiva crianÇas - maus-tratos - dissertaÇÕes adolescente - maus tratos - dissertaÇÕes

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