Nonlinear H∞ control scheme for a flying robot


Lat. Am. j. solids struct.




Abstract In this paper, a nonlinear H∞ state feedback control is designed for both orientation and altitude of a flying robot system in the presence of external disturbance. An analytical solution is proposed for Hamilton-Jacobi-Isaac (HJI) equation. According to the quadrotor's orientation and altitude, a suitable storage function is considered and the appropriate robust control law is derived. The controller coefficients are tuned from Hamilton-Isaac-Jacobi inequality. The closed-loop nonlinear system with the proposed controller has L2-gain less than or equal to γ, and guarantee its asymptotic stability closed-loop nonlinear system with external disturbance. Simulations are provided with the model uncertainties and external disturbance to verify the robustness of the proposed controller. Simulation results confirm the effectiveness of the desired robust controller.

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