Navegando por los servicios de salud públicos: experiencias de mujeres de sectores populares en la periferia de Buenos Aires


Saude soc.




Abstract Based on the qualitative data gathered from six focus groups conducted between 2015 and 2016 with women aged from 18 to 60, it is analyzed how they utilize public health services. Focusing on the barriers of access to local (the community health center and primary health posts) and to nearby hospitals, it is considered their health needs, expectations and demands to both preventive and curative care. Access to mental health care is also addressed. We observe how women and their families respond when facing these barriers and the resources they can mobilize to overcome them (spatial mobility, relative financial capacity, access to social security and private health coverage etc.). Also, the negative consequences of organizational barriers and deficiencies of the public services network on neighbors’ health are shown.

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