Nacionalismo, tradição e modernidade / Nationalism, tradition and modernity




The present work pursues a theoretical reflection on the national question. It analyses the main theories on nations and nationalism, with especially regard to the relationship between nationalism and the transition from pre-modern to modern Era. The formation of the Nation-State, the uses of tradition and the transformations brought about by modernization are discussed in terms of the continuity or discontinuity of nation and nationalism. As results, it is presented an interpretation of nationalism as a search to reach modernization and tradition at the same time. Nationalism is then a project to unify past, present and perfect, as it tends to establish the way in which politics should be organized in here and from now on, as determinate from our belonging to ancient community or Gemeinschaft. The conclusion is so that nations and nationalism, as being historical constructions, can be overlapped. But only by another institution that bring about a similar mixture of the origins, the current life and the future of a community


teorias do nacionalismo construção da nação etno-identity identidade étnica teories on nationalism modernity tradition modernidade tradição construction of the nation

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